Program Overview

The recruitment and development of low-wage workers is a direct component of our mission. ICWJ is an interfaith and multi-racial organizer passionate about lifting workers out of poverty. ICWJ engages low-wage workers (predominantly women and immigrants) in faith-rooted solidarity campaigns for increased wages, access to affordable quality healthcare, improved safety conditions, paid sick leave and more, employing a range of important strategies. At the forefront is the development of worker leaders. Worker leaders often begin their evolution from a foundation of extreme poverty, food insecurity and survival level struggles. They overcome fear, threats, sexual harassment and discrimination to represent the struggles and sacrifices of their co-workers out in the community, at board meetings, in the media, to management and industry stakeholders. They are the face and leaders of their workplace campaigns to increase pay and improve benefits and working conditions.

Program Demographics

Target Age Group: Young Adult, Adult, 55+

Target Ethnicity: Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander, White

Target Area: San Diego County, City of San Diego, North County, South Bay

Instruction Languages: English, Spanish

Enrollment and Timeline

Costs: $

Application Deadline:

Enrollment Status:

Length of Program:

Time Commitment Per Week: hours


Bayside Community

Program Contact Info

Organization: ICWJ

Name: Laurie Coskey



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