Resident Leadership Academy

Program Overview

It’s an 8-week course. Below are the session topics:

Session #1: RLA Introduction & Orientation
Session #2: Our Values & Our Collective Vision
Session #3: Social Determinants: Why Place Matters
Session #4: The Power Players
Session #5: Community Organizing Principles
Session #6: Leadership & Theory of Change
Session#7: Mid-City Community Advocacy Network’s Tools
Session #8: Graduation & Celebration

Program Demographics

Target Age Group: No Target Age Group

Target Ethnicity: No Target Ethnicty

Target Area:

Instruction Languages: English, Spanish

Enrollment and Timeline

Costs: $

Application Deadline:

Enrollment Status:

Length of Program:

Time Commitment Per Week: 5-9 hours


Reside in or work in City Heights and be eager to learn.

Program Contact Info

Organization: Mid-City CAN

Name: Consuelo Martinez



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