RISE Urban Leadership Fellows Program

Program Overview

The RISE Fellows Program uses an adaptive leadership approach that requires active engagement and deep reflection. The program focuses on the personal and professional development of each RISE Fellow through intensive forums, development and implementation of a self-selected community project, and coaching and peer learning throughout the fellowship year.


By participating in this program, RISE Fellows learn how to:

• Become more effective leaders by working on their own personal and professional growth;
• Develop projects that bring innovative and creative approaches to urban issues;
• Document efforts publicly through some mix of social media, blogs, videos, photography, reports, film, music, and/or books; and
• Create sustainable networks of action with other RISE Fellows and allies across the region and beyond.

As a participant in this program, RISE Fellows are expected to be open to:

• Difference of views and perspectives among their cohort, faculty, presenters, and coaches; and,
• Vulnerability and challenging of one’s own notions on leadership and civic engagement.

Program Demographics

Target Age Group: Young Adult, Adult

Target Ethnicity: Asian, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander

Target Area: San Diego County, City of San Diego, South Bay

Instruction Languages: English

Enrollment and Timeline

Costs: $

Application Deadline:

Enrollment Status:

Length of Program:

Time Commitment Per Week: 5-9 hours


Candidates must be at least 18 years old and have at least obtained a high school diploma, though we give preference to those with some college experience and/or have at least 5 years of experience with working in communities.

Program Contact Info

Organization: RISE San Diego

Name: Dwayne Crenshaw

Email: dwayne@risesandiego.org

Website: http://risesandiego.org/leadershipdevelopment-2/

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