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Program Overview

In PICO’s congregation-community model, congregations of all denominations and faiths serve as the institutional base for community organizations. Rather than bring people together simply based on common issues like housing or education, the faith-based or broad-based organizing model makes values and relationships the glue that holds organizations together. The model moves through a circle of progression that includes:

Listening/Evaluation > Reflection > Research > Action > Listening/Eval.

Program Demographics

Target Age Group: No Target Age Group

Target Ethnicity: No Target Ethnicty

Target Area: San Diego County

Instruction Languages: English, Spanish

Enrollment and Timeline

Costs: $

Application Deadline:

Enrollment Status:

Length of Program:

Time Commitment Per Week: 5-9 hours


None. It is desired that leaders have an affiliation with one of our member institutional members.

Program Contact Info

Organization: San Diego Organizing Project (SDOP)

Name: Kevin Malone



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